LT Game Jam 2021 ONLINE To-do-list

Use this checklist to have a perfect LT Game Jam 2021 ONLINE


Friday, January 29th

  • Login to LT Game Jam Discord and connect to the event stream to watch LT Game Awards 2020 award ceremony and warm-up for the game jam
  • Participate in the opening ceremony by watching event stream and participating in discussion on LT Game Jam Discord
  • Listen to the keynote and the theme of the Global Game Jam on the video stream of the LT Game Jam
  • Join virtual brainstorm and team building communication channels on Discord
  • Brainstorm game ideas in your virtual channel with fellow jammers via type chat and video call
  • Start a team, join a team, organize the team’s work plan based on the ideas brainstormed.
  • Start jamming
  • Register your game project and the team at

Saturday, January 30th

  • Submit your game’s screenshot at the event’s Facebook page for the Saturday Screenshot competition for a chance to win LZKA (Lithuanian Game Developers Association) prizes.

Sunday, January 31st

  • Upload your game to the Global Game Jam page until 15:00
  • Make an impressive trailer of your game for Sunday game screening on the official event video stream. Upload the trailer to the cloud drive of the event by 16:00
  • Watch the game presentations from 16:15
  • Vote on the games you liked most at 18:15
  • Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for participating in the LT Game Jam 2021 Online and get some rest